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32 x 60 Horse Barn Building Plan Designs


8 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2009

36 x 60 Horse Barn Plan with 7 Stalls


10 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2009

36 x 60 L Barn Building Plans with Framing


8 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2009

70 x 70 Horse Building Stable Plans


8 files, last one added on Jan 29, 2009

36 x 72 Barn Building Plan Designs


8 files, last one added on Jan 29, 2009

45 x 72 Barn Building Plan Designs


8 files, last one added on Feb 04, 2009

50 x 90 Barn Building Plan Designs


8 files, last one added on Jan 29, 2009

56 x 81 Barn Building Plan Designs


8 files, last one added on Jan 29, 2009

40 x 60 Barn Building Plan Designs


8 files, last one added on Oct 08, 2009

40x48 Gambrel Pole Barn


8 files, last one added on Aug 27, 2014

10 albums on 1 page(s)

Random files - Barn Building Plan Designs
Barn Building 45'x72' Front Cut Plan Design156 viewsBarn Building Front Cut Plan Design displays two 60"x24" sliding windows, a 14'x12' garage door, and a 32" L.H. entry door in 15' tall walls.
Horse Barn Building 32'x60' Floor Plan965 viewsHorse Barn Building 32'x60' Floor Plan with five 12'x12' Horse Stalls, 5'x8' feed and tack room, 11'x12' office, and a 20'x48' storage area. The outside walls include three 36"x36" double hung windows, one 36" L.H. door, one 36" R.H. door, and a 12'x8' garage door. The interior walls include two 36" L.H. doors and five pairs of 72" gates for the horse stalls.
Barn Building Plan 36'x72' Backyard Design 221 viewsLarge Barn Building Plan 36' Back Design displays a 12'x12' garage door in a 14' tall wall.
40'x60' Barn Plan Top Building Design1146 viewsBarn Building Design displays over the top view of the 40'x60' building. The roof slope is a 4/12 gable roof.
Horse Barn Interior Camera Plan View682 viewsInterior Camera Plan View of the horse barn building plan.
Your 81' Right Barn Building Design128 viewsThe Right Barn Building 81' Design displays a 14'6" tall wall including a 36" R.H. entry door.
Barn Building 81' Left Plan Design153 viewsBarn Building Left Plan Design displays a 14'6" tall wall with a 81' length. To the far left and right we see the roof's 8" overhang distance.
Find the Right 90' Large Barn Building Plan Design217 viewsThe Large Right 90' Barn Building Plan Design displays a 14' tall wall including a 36" L.H. entry door and a 12'x9' garage door.

Last additions - Barn Building Plan Designs
Over the Top Back View92 viewsBack design of the 40x48' building shows the gambrel style roof and two 36x48" windows.Aug 27, 2014
Overhead Design of the 40x48 Gambrel Building104 viewsOverhead view displays the gambrel style roof with the 16x10' overhead door and 3' entry door. Aug 27, 2014
48' Right Wall Elevation79 viewsThe plan's 48' right wall view displays 16' tall wall under the gambrel roof. Aug 27, 2014
Gambrel Pole Barns 40x48' Floor Plan133 viewsFloor plan layout of the 40x48' pole barn includes a gambrel style roof, 36x48" windows, 36" right hand entry door, and 16x10' overhead door.Aug 27, 2014
Gambrel Barns 40x48' Back View 99 viewsThe back view of the plan shows the 40' wall with 36x48" slider windows. Using single hung windows versus double hung may save dollar amounts for your new windows. Aug 27, 2014
40x48' Plan's Cut View100 views16' walls are shown in the shell of the 40x48' barn design. Aug 27, 2014
40' Front View with Gambrel Roof 116 viewsGambrel roof style on the pole barn shows a 18/12 roof slope with the 6/12 slope starting at 312" from the ground. Aug 27, 2014
48' Left Elevation72 viewsView shows the 48' left 16' tall wall. Aug 27, 2014

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