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12'x24' Storage Shed Framing Illustration with Building Material List6984 viewsStorage Shed Building Material List
- Framing for a 12'x24' Storage Shed -

Shed Wall Framing
80 Studs
21 - 4x8 Wall Sheeting
6 - 2x4 Bottom Plates - Treated for Concrete -
12 - 2x4 Top Plates
3 - 2x10x10 - Optional - Solid Header Material

Roof Framing
14 - 4x8 Sheeting
11 - 12' Trusses
2 - Gable Trusses *
4 - 14' 2x6 Fascia
4 - 2x6x8 Gable Fascia *

* Gable Length may Vary Pending on Your Overhang Size - 8 - 12" Gable Overhang Figured
* Add Floor Framing as needed - Framing Materials are Estimated with a Concrete Floor
* Trusses may be hand framed or changed to rafters. If trusses you are building - Scrap Sheeting makes nice gussets.
For rafters - Add two 14' 2x8's Ridge Board, 30 2x6x8 Rafters, and 20 2x4x925/8 for Collar Ties and Bracing.

Framing Nails
Sheeting Nails or Staples
If no Anchor Bolts in the foundation wall add 18 1/2" x 6" cement anchors.

* Verify sizes and materials with your local building inspector and obtain proper building permits.
40' Front View with Gambrel Roof 170 viewsGambrel roof style on the pole barn shows a 18/12 roof slope with the 6/12 slope starting at 312" from the ground.
Gambrel Shed Building Plan 20' Left Design1798 viewsShed Building Plan 20' Left Design with a gambrel roof. The lower 18/12 roof slope blends into the second 6/12 upper roof at a 156" height.
2 Story Garage Design with Fixtures857 viewsGarage 20'x32' 2nd Story Game Room Plan Design displays the garage fixtures with the outline of the attached 8'x16' deck. Leading to the deck we see 36" stairs with 5 risers from a 36"x36" landing. Ascending to the landing are 9 risers. Configuring your stair angle under 42 degrees is recommended with an optimal combination of tread plus riser equaling 17 1/2" to 18" (Tread + Riser = 17 1/2" to 18").
Garage Building Plan 36' Front Design441 viewsGarage Building Plan 36' Front Design displays three 9'x8' garage doors under the 18" roof overhang.
Garage Building Plan 26' Rear Design293 viewsGarage Building Plan 26' Rear Design displays 9' tall wall topped with a 4/12 sloped gable roof. To the far left and right we see the roof's 18" overhang distance.
Garage Building 26'x30' Rear Plan Design402 viewsGarage Building 26' Rear Plan Design displays two 36"x24" sliding windows. To the far left and right we see the 4/12 roof's 18" overhang distance.
Garage Building 26' Left Design244 viewsGarage Building Left Plan Design displays 26' wall length with 9' tall walls topped with a 4/12 sloped gable roof. To the far left and right we see the roof's 18" overhang distance.
New Garage Building 26'x32' Floor Plan333 viewsNew Garage Building Floor Plan displays two 12'x8' garage doors, 36" R.H. entry door, and a 36"x36" window. The dashed lines represent the gable roof displaying an 18" overhang and a 12" gable overhang distance.
Garage Building Plan 28' Rear Design304 viewsGarage Building Plan Backyard Design displays 8' tall 28' long wall with a 36" L.H. entry door and a 48"x36" sliding window. To the far left and right we see the roof's 18" overhang distance.
Garage Building 28'x28' Floor Plan Layout475 viewsGarage Building Floor Plan displays layout with 16'x7' garage door, 48"x36" window, and a L.H. 36" entry door. The dashed lines represent the roof layout with 12" gable overhangs and a 18" overhang distance.
Garage Building 30'x34' Cut Back Plan Design245 viewsDetached Garage Building Cut Back Plan Design displays 18'x7' garage door, 36" R.H. entry door, and two 36"x36" double hung windows in 8' tall walls.
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